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During the procedure, there will be some form of anesthesia that ensures that you’re comfortable and feel no pain. After Surgery, any pain or discomfort you may experience can usually be controlled through medication and usually subsides in a week or so.

It depends on the procedure, but on average, most patients are back to work within five to seven days.

Good plastic surgery enhances your looks naturally and often goes unnoticed. Friends may ask if you’ve been on vacation, a new diet, or exercise program. But typically, they won’t know you’ve had a procedure unless you tell them.

Procedures that focus on rejuvenation, such as a face or forehead lift, or eyelid surgery can last five to ten years. Procedures that reshape or correct an imbalance such as a nose job, chin or cheek augmentation, VASER Lipo, Tummy Tucks and breast surgery can last a lifetime.

Yes. But every effort will be made to keep scars as minimal as possible and try to hide them in the natural lines and creases of your skin. For the majority of procedures, the scars are tiny and they will fade over time and become barely noticeable.

Most procedures are short, taking from 1- 3 hours. For day care or outpatient cases, you will need to come in just before the procedure, and stay for a few hours after surgery before you go home.

It depends on the procedure required, as every operation is especially tailored to suit your particular needs. Day care surgery is less expensive since not having a hospital stay reduces the costs dramatically.

Unfortunately only a few procedures are covered by Insurance, most Cosmetic Procedures are not.

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