VASER Liposelection

Vaser Liposelection or Vaser Lipo is the latest technological development in fat reduction surgery. The strategic removal of fat from different areas of the body using the Vaser system is known as Liposelection. The Vaser is a medical device which liquefies fat in selected areas of the body through multiple tiny incisions strategically placed so as to be concealed by the undergarments. Vaser Liposelection uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. Innovative Vaser technology breaks up fat selectively, while preserving other structures like blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, therefore reducing the pain, bleeding, saggy skin and irregular contouring that may occur with traditional liposuction.

Vaser Lipo can be used for the removal of large amounts of fat as well as for “spot reduction” of troublesome areas, and is also used for high- definition body sculpting such as creating a “six-pack” tummy.

Almost any area of the body can be treated such as the tummy, love handles, waist, arms, back, hips, buttocks and thighs. It also gives excellent results for male and female breast reduction without scars. Vaser Lipo can even be safely used in areas where traditional liposuction is risky such as on the face and neck to reduce a double chin and for treating fatty calves.

Fat harvested by Vaser Lipo is particularly good for fat grafting in other areas, such as the cheeks, breasts and buttocks.


Tumescent or Traditional liposuction is a technique that uses large volumes of dilute local anaesthesia that is injected into the fat causing the targeted areas to become swollen and firm (tumescent). This technique provides anaesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and permits liposuction totally by local anaesthesia. This technique is commonly referred to as Liposuction. It is recommended that the volume of aspirate removed is restricted to under 5 litres for safety reasons.


Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) involves the delivery of ultrasonic energy and heat into subcutaneous fat. UAL emulsifies (melts) the fat under the skin, which is then removed by gentle suction. The latest advance in ultrasound technology is known as VASER, and it has less side effects, less recovery time and better results than other techniques.

Liposuction by VASER is an advanced, world-renowned body contouring procedure that uses gentle ultrasonic energy to selectively target unwanted fat with minimal injury to blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Almost all body areas and volumes of fat, including areas like the abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, back, buttocks, chest, breasts, and even delicate areas such as inner thighs, arms, chin and neck can be treated by Vaser Lipo. Vaser Lipo helps the overlying skin to shrink to a large extent as well.


Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) uses power supplied by an electric motor or compressed air to produce either a rapid in-and-out movement or a spinning rotation of an attached liposuction cannula. This is the mechanized version of traditional liposuction, and has greatly increased the speed of liposuction, and therefore anesthesia.


Another energy-based technique, Laser liposuction uses laser (light) energy to liquefy pockets of excess fat before it is suctioned out through a thin tube. The liquefied fat is easier to remove, making this a less aggressive procedure with a potentially faster recovery and smoother skin. However, Laser Lipo is restricted to small volumes and certain areas, and can cause severe internal scarring.


Water Jet Liposuction uses the power of highly concentrated stream of water to dislodge and fat cells from the body, which are then sucked out at the same time. Using water-jet technology, fat is removed from the body with significantly less force than older, traditional liposuction techniques.

VASER HI-DEF is an advanced body contouring technique. The results reveal a sculpted, well toned, natural musculature intended for men and women who seek greater muscular definition, but cannot work out more for fear of losing too much body fat and looking unhealthy. Vaser Hi-Def is used to sculpt the abdomen, chest, breasts, the back and arms.

In men Hi-Def is used to create a ‘six-pack’ look for the Rectus Abdominis, along with highlighting of the oblique muscles on the sides, and the Serratus muscles on the side of the chest. The Male chest can also be sculpted to bring out the definition of the pectoral muscles. The Back is done to make the Latissimus muscles stand out to form the ‘V’.

In women, Hi-Def is used to narrow the waist, create a ‘two-pack’ tummy look, and can be used to define the borders of the breasts. On the back it is used to create the sacral dimples and to highlight the paraspinal muscles and the midline groove. Vaser Hi-Def is extremely efficient in creating a thin, well-defined muscular look for the arms.

While the goal of a regular liposuction procedure is just to trim away fat to make a patient slimmer, Vaser Hi-Def requires a surgeon to go one step further by going into superficial areas not possible with traditional liposuction and sculpting the body in such a way never before achieved by conventional liposuction, using the state-of-the-art Vaser Ultrasound technology. Designer Bodies is Best Liposuction Surgery Clinics in Mumbai. .

The abdomen is the most common area of the body to be treated by VASER Liposelection among both men and women across all ages.

Important factors that affect the success of Vaser Lipo include: the amount and location of abdominal fat, history of weight gain and loss, history of pregnancy, and the age and the sex of the patient. The use of Vaser technology has reduced the need for an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in many individuals with sagging tummy skin. The Vaser can also be used to sculpt a ‘Six-pack” look for the abdomen.

The shape of the buttocks is formed mainly by subcutaneous fat. The goal of VASER Liposelection of the buttocks is to achieve uniformly smooth results with a pleasing reduction in size and bulk.

Indian women have a genetic predisposition to deposit fat in the upper buttocks. This gives rise to an unsighlty appearance, but can be treated very successfully by Vaser Lipo.

Fat on female thighs and hips is largely determined by inherited genetics, and it is often resistant to exercise and dieting. VASER Liposelection is most often done for the outer side of the thighs, but can also done circumferentially for the thighs, and can significantly improve the silhouette of the thigh and reduce the rubbing together of the inner thighs. The inner thighs have especially thin skin, and can have significant complications with traditional Liposuction. The safe and gentle technology of the Vaser precedure, along with it’s superior skin-shrinkage, gives consistently superior results.

The distribution and proportion of localized fat on female legs and ankles is also genetically predetermined. Women who have a disproportionate distribution of fat on their legs often find that this fat is resistant to diet and exercise. Fat can be removed from areas behind the knees and the calves.

The arms are one of the areas that consistently yield the highest level of patient satisfaction and happiness. For appropriate patients, the results are gratifying. As the skin of the arms is thin, traditional Lipo has a limited role, and is often used in conjunction with arm tucks or lifts to achieve a good result. Due to the very good skin shrinkage and smooth contours with Vaser Lipo, arm tucks are required in only a few patients.

VASER Liposelection usually means that the patient can start wearing strappy clothing, bathing suits, and dresses without the embarrassment of ugly arms.

These are fatty areas located in front of and just behind the arm-pit on the side of the back. In some people, these fat pads are a cosmetic problem, preventing them from wearing strappy clothes. These fat deposits can safely be removed without a visible scar using Vaser ultrasound technology.

VASER Liposelection of the female back can produce dramatic improvements. Posterior waist fat is located above and behind the hips. Lumbo-sacral fat pad is located in midline of the lower back, just above the tailbone. A “Buffalo hump” consists of fat located on the upper back near the neck. All these areas respond extremely well to Vaser treatment, allowing you to look slim around the middle.

The flanks, also known as love-handles, are located just above the hip bone. In women the identical anatomic area is called the waist.

The male flanks are a localized accumulation of fat that bulges over the belt-line. The location of the “belt line” is one of the most characteristic features that distinguish the silhouettes of the male and female torsos. It is also considered to be bad for the heart to have large ‘love handles’ or ‘tyres’.

The female waist can be accentuated or highlighted, giving a short person the appearance of a slim, taller body.

Vaser lipo can remove selective areas of fat from these areas to give your body a “V” or Hourglass shape

VASER Liposelection of the female breast produces both a significant breast reduction and a moderate breast lift with minimal postoperative pain, rapid postoperative recovery, quick return to normal activities, and virtually no scarring.

This breast lift is the result of the reduced weight of the breast, which allows the breasts’ natural elastic properties to contract and produce elevation. After Vaser lipo, the breast’s shape is simply a smaller version of the shape before liposelection. Vaser Lipo DOES NOT DAMAGE the glandular tissues of the breast, and therefore can be done safely in women who wish to have children and breastfeed later on. It is therefore ideal for young women whose large breasts are causing them discomfort and embarrassment.

The goal for liposuction of the male breast is to improve the patient’s physical appearance by removing as much fat as possible while avoiding any damage to skin or muscles. Male patients with excessive fat in their breasts can expect significant improvement with VASER Lipo. Glandular tissue can also be removed from the same nearly invisible incision, therefore avoiding any unnecessary incisions along the areola. The better skin retraction with Vaser also helps giving a better contour, and avoiding skin-removal surgeries.

VASER Liposelection is the safest and usually the most effective technique for removing fat from the chin, cheeks and jowls. Correction of a ‘double chin’ may be dramatic after VASER Liposelection, which involves fewer complications, fewer scars, and typically gives a more natural appearance than a facelift.